Spears: not getting tied up in Twister knots. (Tim Mosenfelder/GETTY IMAGES)

But before we get all bogged down in the “Oh my God, did you hear what Britney said on ‘X Factor’ last night?” blah blah blah, let’s acknowledge that Ms. Spears has already made an extremely important contribution to society by forcing all of us, or at last me, to reexamine our understanding of the game Twister.

See, I grew up with the impression that Twister was a fun family diversion in which people were forced to put their hands and/or feet on various brightly colored circles until they fell down, threw out their backs or inadvertently choked one of their loved ones to death and had to call 911. This ‘80s-era commercial illustrates exactly what I mean.

But Twister has been updated for modern times. And it now looks like this:

So based on this commercial, the latest version of Twister, dubbed Twister Dance, is “Just Dance” with circles and Britney Spears choreography. And it involves no one contorting their bodies or suffering the potential embarrassment of reaching to put a right hand on yellow and accidentally touching Grandpa in a place that will cause a lifetime of therapy.

Weirdly, this new iteration does not seem like an improvement. However, it does make me irrationally hope that Spears forces her fellow “X Factor” judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid to play the more traditional game, causing them all to fall on top of each other in a heap of talent judgmentalness, which leads to some minor memory loss, which in turn convinces all of them to accidentally report to work at “The Voice” because it’s basically the same show, at which point chaos will ensue. Look, at the very beginning of the fall TV season, one can still have big dreams, okay?

(Clip found via Digital Spy)