Britney Spears has been a pop star, a film actress, a reality show star, a music competition mentor and — of course, most famously — spokesperson for the video game “Twister Dance.”

Spears, possibly entering the publishing world. (Vince Bucci/AP)

Now it appears she may soon become a novelist.

An item in The Hollywood Reporter says that Spears is close to signing a deal with It Books that would give the publishing world its first Britney Spears novel.

THR reports that if the deal moves forward, the book will likely be a blend of fiction and elements from Spears’s real life. It also wouldn’t be the first publishing venture for the “X Factor” judge, who collaborated with mom Lynne Spears on the book, “Britney Spears’ Heart to Heart,” which was released in 2000. It would, however, mark the first work of fiction to feature Spears’s name on the jacket.

So let’s hope this actually happens. I for one am dying to read the story of a pop star who becomes wildly famous for her ability to sing with a python draped around her neck, stars on a B-grade UPN reality show with her dancer husband, suffers a severe breakdown that involves shaving her head, but then triumphantly bounces back and lands not just one, but two, “Glee” tribute episodes devoted to her work.

The protagonist’s name will be Bambi. You know, because it will be a work of fiction.