Bryan Cranston portrays Walter White in a scene from "Breaking Bad." (Ursula Coyote/AP/AMC)

That’s because you haven’t somehow recruited Bryan Cranston to endorse you in character as the world’s favorite blue meth cook, Walter White from “Breaking Bad.”

Yes, in a truly odd 30-second video uploaded to YouTube with the cryptic description “Vote Maxwell 2012,” Cranston gives the thumbs up to a student body president hopeful named “Maxwell.”

Even fictional high school dropout Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) joined the cause.

The back story of the video is not yet known, and The Washington Post has not confirmed that a real “Maxwell Ulin” is running for a student body leadership post somewhere.

In the video, Cranston (as White) says that his “colleague” has endorsed the candidate’s opponent. The person who posted the video claiming to be the video’s uploader on Reddit said that the colleague is none other than the AMC show’s chicken/drug kingpin Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito.)

Sadly, that video has not been posted publicly.

A spokeswoman for AMC said that, to her knowledge, the video is not affiliated with “Breaking Bad,” which returns for its fifth season this summer. Indeed, it’s unclear why Cranston would make such a video. We’re just glad he did.

Watch White’s endorsement video, which contains a “Breaking Bad” spoiler, below.

(via Buzzfeed)