Billy Crystal, preparing to wow you (or at least try) at this year’s Oscars. (Joseph Sinnott/THIRTEEN/WNET NEW YORK)

So enough about Ricky Gervais and the many way he could have been more cheeky and subversive. Let’s instead turn our attention to the Academy Awards and a man we are pretty sure won’t mention Jodie Foster’s “Beaver” on live television: Academy Awards host Billy Crystal. has officially launched its “digital experience” today with a new video of Crystal preparing for his upcoming return to the job of Oscar emcee. Based on the clip, this year’s Oscars may feature: a “falling in love with the movies” theme; something splashy during the opening eight minutes of the show (presumably involving Mr. Crystal and a medley); and at least one “When Harry Met Sally...” joke.

Watch the preview below, because there are only a few weeks between now and Feb. 27. That’s the day after the Oscars, otherwise known as the moment when, no matter how smoothly Crystal hosts, online commenters will complain that the broadcast was too long, boring and dominated by the announcement of meaningless awards, even though — hello? — it’s an awards show and that’s sort of the point.