(Fox via LA2Day)

Vulture reports that the deal to make the movie is still being worked out, but that GM — a company that came out of bankruptcy in 2009 thanks to substantial financial assistance from the U.S. and Canadian governments — is poised to take “an actual hard-dollar, equity stake” in the film, which would, in turn, feature a bevy of vehicles from its 2014 line.

Because the U.S. and Canada still own stakes in the company (27 and 12 percent, respectively), one could argue that, in a way, we’re all investing in the “Cannonball Run” remake. Hence, it’s important for you to know that Guy Ritchie is the current front-runner to direct (Shawn Levy of “Night at the Museum” and “Real Steel” is also interested), and, according to Vulture, Ritchie wants Brad Pitt — who mumbled pseudo-Irishly throughout’s Ritchie’s 2000 crime flick “Snatch” — to star.

Ritchie also is interested in shooting some of the movie in Europe, even though the original focused on a U.S.-based cross-country race. No word on whether the Middle Eastern oil sheikh character, played circa 1981 by Jamie Farr, will make a reappearance in the 2011 version. (Fingers crossed!)

The ’81 “Cannonball Run” spawned a sequel, 1984’s “Cannonball Run II.” So if this all works out, GM could land a couple of two-hour product placements and audiences could again be treated to a double-helping of the randy, lowbrow comedy that a good, old-fashioned ensemble racing movie provides.

Would anyone be interested in seeing a “Run” retry? Would you be less inclined to buy a ticket knowing that GM played a key role in making the movie happen? Weigh in by posting a comment. But first, watch the trailer for the original below.