Catherine Tate opposite David Tennant on an episode of “Doctor Who.” (BBC)

The Hollywood Reporter says the producers of the comedy consider her their top choice for manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, but it’s unclear whether Tate can commit to the role because she has already signed on to star in a London production of “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Brits may be more familiar with Tate’s work than Americans are. She’s become a star in Britain thanks to her sketch comedy series, ”The Catherine Tate Show” and her work on the perenially popular “Doctor Who,” where she starred opposite David Tennant, also her co-star in that aforementioned Shakespeare production.

Is it a good idea to cast Tate, who is very talented and, in the eyes of most U.S. viewers,a fresh face? Or should “The Office” go with a name Americans are more familiar with — a James Spader, who is reportedly also still being considered, or one of the current stars of the show?

Before you weigh in on the matter, watch some clips of Tate’s work (after the jump), then vote in our “Office”-manager-hiring poll.

Here’s Tate, as her saucy-mouthed schoolgirl character Lauren, sparring with “teacher” Tennant in a sketch for Comic Relief:

Tate mocking the posh and pampered on “The Catherine Tate Show.”

And here’s Tate doing a very convincing valley girl, with a touch of NSFW language at the very end of the video.

Now, it’s time to vote: