Rumors — fueled by reports in TMZ, Radar and other outlets — suggest that Charlie Sheen could return to “Two and a Half Men,” with CBS big cheese Les Moonves potentially “managing” him so Chuck Lorre doesn’t have to. This sounds like it could work out well. (The Hollywood Reporter)

As Lindsay Lohan ponders her plea deal options, dad Michael Lohan gets arrested on three felony charges after an alleged domestic violence situation involving a female companion. (People)

Miss “Dancing With the Stars” last night? Read a recap, or watch the video montage of the dancers’ performances. Quick summary: Kirstie Alley was surprisingly graceful, Wendy Williams was more awkward than a seventh-grade boy at a teen club dance, Sugar Ray Leonard wore a glitter-heart on his lapel and made jazz hands while dancing to Huey Lewis; and Ralph Macchio , as predicted, made women in their late 30s and early 40s fall in love with him all over again.

James Franco has some choice tweets for Bruce Vilanch ... which he subsequently deleted. That tidbit and more after the jump.

James Franco lashed out at Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch on Twitter, then removed the tweets. The gist: Vilanch had told New York Magazine that Franco “didn’t get there” as an Academy Awards host, so Franco called him a crummy comedy writer, then apparently thought better of it. (The Guardian)

Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais will appear on “The Office” season finale. (Vulture)

Matthew Morrison and Gwyneth Paltrow to duet on his upcoming album ... because Gwyneth cannot. stop. singing. (EW)

Can you identify these movie titles that have been turned into mathematical equations? (Spiked Math via Slashfilm)