A few of the celebrity and entertainment stories on my radar this morning...

Charlie Sheen will star in a sitcom adaptation of the movie “Anger Management,” if the show can score a deal with a network. Sheen would play a modified version of the Jack Nicholson character — a former athlete with an anger problems who counsels criminals. (The Hollywood Reporter)

In other Sheen news, he will make an appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos, the annual Insane Clown Posse-hosted festival that will be held next month in Illinois. Also appearing at the often wild event: Flavor Flav, Ice Cube, Bobby Brown and Lil Jon. Am I the only one who thinks no good can come of this? (Starpulse)

Taylor Swift: battling bronchitis. (Wade Payne/AP)

Horrible Bosses” opens tomorrow, which means it’s time for Jennifer Aniston press reports to bring on the Pitt references. To that end: Aniston reportedly told James Lipton during an “Inside the Actors Studio” taping that filming “The Break-Up” helped her get over Brad Pitt. (Us)

Oprah Winfrey plans to teach a class called “Life 101” at her academy for girls in South Africa. (Popeater)

Lenny Kravitz will co-star in “The Hunger Games,” but he hasn’t finished reading the book series. And he doesn’t want to hear your spoilers! (Vulture)

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Want to revisit the entire Harry Potter series in quick, convenient comic form? Here you go. (Buzzfeed)

The part of baby Lily — daughter of Cam and Mitchell on “Modern Family” — will definitely be recast. Dang, already fired from her first gig before pre-school? (Digital Spy)

Watch a comedian makes the climactic Bill Pullman speech from “Independence Day” all over Manhattan, confusing New Yorkers across the city.