The Charlie Sheen “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour kicked off over the weekend, completely bombing in Detroit but reportedly improving somewhat on Night 2 in Chicago. (For evidence of the “improvement,” see chants of “Detroit sucks!” at the Chicago Theater show via the video above.)

After being booed 20 minutes into his act on Saturday, Sheen tells E! News that he retooled the show while en route to Chicago. As a result, he dumped all the video clips and that much-touted musical collaboration with Snoop Dogg and simply sat on stage Sunday evening, allowing his manager/ tour producer Joey Scoleri to interview him.

That led to major revelations about why Sheen pays hookers for sex (“So much [expletive] easier”) and whether he would ever return to a certain CBS sitcom. (“I’m not knocking ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I’m talking about the weirdos who run it. If they hired me back, I’d do it again.”) The approach earned him a standing ovation at night’s end and some meh reviews. Again, that is considered a major victory after the disaster in Detroit.

“Not really a trainwreck, just a little bit sad and more than a little bit tedious,” wrote Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times of the performance at the Chicago Theater.

“While it didn’t fully justify $80 main-floor ticket prices, it got the job done,” adds Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. “And it gave the tour — which looked doomed after Saturday — a format it can work with going forward. The show was still not ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option,’ as the tour title promises, but it was at least a forward-moving projectile of moderate dish about celebrity.”

The question is what else Sheen can bring to the table during the 18 additional gigs he has ahead of him, including his next stop in Cleveland on Tuesday night. Has he got anything left to say? Can the tour go all the way to closing night on May 3 in Everett, Wash.?

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