Charlize Theron in a non-Hello Kitty outfit next to a poster of her “Young Adult” character in a Hello Kitty shirt. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

At a New York Times’s TimeTalks panel last Friday, Theron revealed her one demand for the stunted character’s wardrobe: a Hello Kitty T-shirt.

But it’s not because she’s a fan of 30-something women wearing Sanrio’s pervasive cute cat. Quite the opposite.

“I'm pretty amazed by Hello Kitty. Here’s why ... I see so many women in their 30s walking around in Hello Kitty [expletive] and nobody’s concerned for them,” Theron said, as the film’s director Jason Reitman and the audience laughed. “It's the one teenage iconic thing that’s okay for 30 year olds to have.”

Reitman joked back, “Charlize Theron: Aid for Africa, down with Hello Kitty.”

Just in case it wasn’t clear how she felt about the feline fashion on non-teens, she added, “Nobody is concerned when people walk around with Hello Kitty earphones and stickers on their forehead.”

Mariah Carey and Katy Perry may have something to say about this.

Watch the whole panel here.

(Via Us Weekly)