Cher (Chris Pizzello/AP)

Cher has made it known, via Twitter, that a musical about her life is being developed.

According to a series of tweets Cher sent out Sunday, a show that would feature her music is currently being written. Final destination? Broadway, of course.

There will be three actresses to play Cher at different periods in her life: one from the Sonny Bono era, a post-divorce version and one as she is now. The Oscar-winner, who said she is helping to write the musical, joked, “I could be old Cher!”

The three Chers, or Cher trio, will “talk to each other and sing together,” real Cher tweeted.

Request for confirmation of this glorious news from Cher’s publicist has not been returned.

As noted, Cher appeared on Broadway once in the play “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean,” which later became a film.

Cher has not put out a new album since 2001. But she recently told a fan (on Twitter!) that she will try to release the “hardcore dance” record late this year.

*Cher’s tweets have been edited for clarity.