Chloe Sevigny promised Thursday that things for her “American Horror Story: Asylum” character are only going to get worse in upcoming episodes. Yes, worse than they were last night when James Cromwell did two or three horrible things in a row to Shelley, Briarcliff Manor’s resident nymphomaniac.

Sevigny, preparing to transform into something “not so pleasant to look at” on “American Horror Story: Asylum.” (© Phil McCarten/Reuters)

Sevigny hemmed and hawed a bit as she tried to answer questions about what’s ahead for her character without inadvertently spitting out too much revelatory information. In the process, she said a few seemingly significant things about Shelley, Dr. Arden and a couple of other characters, too.

Note that should be pretty obvious: Spoilers lie ahead, so don’t read on if you want to remain completely spoiler-free about upcoming events. (And definitely don’t read ahead if you didn’t watch this week’s episode.)

“Her disadvantages only increase,” Sevigny said of her character’s situation which, per the “N’oreaster” episode, now involves being a double amputee. “She becomes more and more helpless.”

“I don’t know how to say it without giving it away,” she said later in the call. “You see her transform into something not so pleasant to look at. It takes four hours of prosthetic makeup.”

Sevigny made it clear that the so-called transformation happens at the hands of the surgically gifted (and also twisted and evil) Dr. Arden. She also implied that Shelley may not be the only person whose appearance gets altered.

When a reporter raised the issue of how many deaths we will see in “Asylum” vs. the number that occurred in the first “American Horror Story,” Sevigny said that some of the seemingly murdered — Wendy (Clea DuVall), Leo (Adam Levine) and Teresa (Jenna Dewan Tatum) — are not necessarily dead.

“I don’t know if they’ve really died. I don’t know how much I can say,” she said. “They might be somewhere else. They might be revealed later in the season as something else, I’m not sure.”

She apologized, then added, “Oh God. I really messed up that one.”

Whether she messed up or not, she certainly has me intrigued to see how radically she can be transformed after four hours in the makeup chair. I also was intrigued by this Sevigny statement: “I don’t know how much more dialogue I have. There’s lots of gurgling.”