Chris Brown, sans publicist. (Peter Kramer/AP)

Elizabeth Taylor laid to rest at a funeral service that purposely began after the scheduled time so she could be “late to her own funeral.” Rabbi Jerry Cutler presided over the ceremony, which included a poetry reading from friend Colin Farrell. Yes, that Colin Farrell. (USA Today)

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was accused of attacking that staff member at the Betty Ford clinic? Reportedly police have decided that’s worth investigating again. (TMZ)

In other news, Lohan apparently intends to lose the Lohan from her name and just go by Lindsay. This is going to be a huge timesaver for celebrity reporters, who just got back hours of their lives by not having to type out Lohan anymore. (Popeater)

“Fringe” has been renewed for another reason. Fans of Walter Noble can commence rejoicing now. (The Hollywood Reporter)

News about “Twilight”and George Lopez’s Kirstie Alley apology, after the jump.

In case anyone was concerned, “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” will be rated PG-13. (Pop2It)

Alison Brie reveals that the entire “Community” cast and crew has a crush on Josh Holloway. Believe me, Celebritology understands. (Vulture)

Justified” is close to getting renewed for a third season. Translation: more Timothy Olyphant . (Deadline)

George Lopez is sorry for comparing Kirstie Alley to a pig. (Digital Spy)

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