Chris Brown, accepting his Grammy Award. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Chris Brown understands that his appearance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards was polarizing, given the fact that it came just three years after his assault of Rihanna during Grammy weekend 2009.

Which is why he responded on Twitter to his recent first-ever Grammy win with such humility and grace.

“HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now!” he wrote yesterday afternoon, as noted by Mashable. “That’s the ultimate [BLEEP] OFF!”

The tweet was later deleted from Brown’s account, though it lives on in this publicly viewable tweet graveyard, along with a couple of other gems that also disappeared from Brown’s feed.

“I’m so OVER everyone’s opinions.. Really!!!,” he also said on the social media site yesterday, along with “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ladies... Let today be about u!!! Love you.”

Does this mean we should expect Brown to start outsourcing his tweets to a professional crew, a la Ashton Kutcher? Or maybe he’s just decided to stick to a more limited script. His most recent tweets are links to his new video and his latest single, “Turn Up the Music,” on iTunes.

Feel free to take this opportunity to post a comment about whether Brown should keep his mouth shut or whether it’s time to forgive him for his past sins, a debate that I expect will continue from now until 2017 at least.