Chris Brown, left, and Drake. (Matt Sayles, Chris Pizzello/Associated Press)

As you are likely aware if you follow celebrity news, singer Chris Brown was injured in a fight at a Manhattan club that may have involved members of rapper Drake’s entourage.

Much like the bottles involved in the story, there is a lot of information flying around. So here’s a bulleted breakdown of the facts, semi-facts and rumors.

The facts and the facts as the musicians’ camps see them

— Brown and Drake were both at the Manhattan club W.i.P. Wednesday night with friends.

— Witnesses told the police, according to the Associated Press, that two men approached Brown at his table to ask if he had an issue with Drake. When Brown tried to leave, he was approached by five men and then bottles were thrown. It’s unclear who threw said bottles.

— Brown’s rep said the singer and his friends were victims of a “brutal attack.”

— Indeed, Big Pat, Brown’s bodyguard, did sustain a giant gash on his head.

— Brown tweeted, then deleted a series of messages about the fight, including a photo of a wound on his chin. The deleted tweets, many of which contained racial epithets, can be seen on the site Topsy.

— Drake’s rep said he was leaving the club when the brawl broke out: “He did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

— Rihanna, who dated both men, has not commented on the fight.

The reports

Entertainment Weekly’s sources said Drake was not involved in the fight.

TMZ reports that Brown has spoken to police and his lawyer has physical evidence that Drake was somehow involved in the fight. E! News, however, said the NYPD cannot confirm that Brown has gone to the police.

The New York Daily News has posted a photo that allegedly shows the aftermath of the fight. The outlet also claims that club manager Jonathan Cantor has been arrested for outstanding warrants.

— TMZ reported that Brown sent Drake a bottle and Drake sent him back a nasty note. The New York Post claimed the note regarded Rihanna. But Brown’s management, Phase Too. Inc., tweeted, “There was no bottle sent to @drake and there was no note! Stop the lies, TMZ/MTO!!!! There were no punches thrown, just glass.”