Chris Brown came to Rihanna’s West Hollywood Halloween party Wednesday night dressed as an Arab terrorist. While there were differing opinions on whether he and his friends, who dressed in similar ensembles, were supposed to be members of the Taliban, al-Qaeda or some lesser-known terrorist cell, most seemed to agree that this was yet another terrible choice in a line of often terrible Chris Brown choices.

Chris Brown Terrorizes Hollywood ... in Taliban Costume…

— TMZ (@TMZ) November 1, 2012

ABC News called the costume — which was replicated by several of Brown’s friends, per an Instagram photo tweeted by Brown — “questionable.” Perez Hilton dubbed it “horrifically offensive,” and made sure that was abundantly clear by giving the post the not-so-coveted “icky poo poo” tag. Buzzfeed declared it “a pretty awful idea any way you look at it.”

And many observers on Twitter thought Brown was “a tool” and, possibly, “the least self-aware celebrity on earth.”

Certainly some were on his side, though.

I know it was distasteful and what not, but Chris Brown’s Halloween outfit did make me laugh!

— Monique (@MoniqueJanay) November 1, 2012

Personally, I think it would have been wiser to follow the advice Dee Wallace gave to Robert McNaughton in “E.T.” Really, there is a reason she forbid him from going as a terrorist for Halloween.