Following a prime-time promotional blitz that urged people to tune into Wednesday’s GMA for “the real story” regarding Chris Brown’s interview with Robin Roberts, today the morning program merely rehashed the facts. Roberts and her fellow reporters pretty much told us what we already knew: He got angry, broke a glass window and left the Times Square studio sans shirt. Roberts also repeated her contention that she was surprised by Brown’s response because he knew what questions would be asked ahead of time. No new information here, folks.

But what is interesting — at least, perhaps, to journalists — is the way GMA attempted to reclaim a news story that started on their show but quickly became a traffic driver for other media outlets. Last night’s prime-time promotion of the interview — with its deep-voiced narration and stark still shots of Brown — was a little tacky. And while Roberts attempted to keep it classy today, the emphasis (in the video below) on how much everyone at GMA admires Brown’s talent and would love to have him back seemed disingenuous in light of the hype. Maybe it would have been better if they had just moved on and pretended it didn’t happen?

That is what the network seems to be doing behind the scenes. No one mentioned this during today’s GMA segment, but TMZ and other outlets report that ABC has decided not to press charges against Brown for the incident. He’s also still scheduled to appear next week on “Dancing With the Stars.”