Dunham, lead girl on “Girls.” (© Carlo Allegri / Reuters/REUTERS)

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, executive producers of HBO’s “Girls,” tweeted a photo today from the show’s set that will only encourage more comparisons between the buzzy series about female twenty-somethings in New York and that other HBO show about female forty-somethings in New York.

Note: if you want to know nothing about the next season of “Girls,” stop reading. If, however, you want to see something delightful involving a revered character from “Sex and the City,” then for God’s sake, continue.

Menage a Noth RT @campsucks: Spoiler alert? twitter.com/campsucks/stat…

— Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) July 31, 2012

That’s right, Chris Noth — Mr. Big himself — was on the set, apparently doling out bear hugs to any executive producer he met. Given Konner’s “spoiler alert?” language, the photo implies that Noth may appear in at least one episode of season two of “Girls.”

So will he have an affair with Hannah? Become the new boss who touches her inappropriately? Turn out to be Adam’s surprisingly hot uncle?

The possibilities are endless. Also endless: the opportunities for “Girls” detractors to point to this image as exhibit A in the case dubbed “Why ‘Girls’ is Really Just a ‘Muppet Babies’ Version of ‘Sex and the City.’” In fact, I can already hear some people making opening arguments in that pop cultural trial right now. (For the record, I would volunteer to serve, pro bono, on the “Girls” defense team in that important court proceeding.)

Oh, and just to add further to the “SATC” delight of all this: Stanford Blatch has already tweeted a response to the photo.

@lenadunham @campsucks Me mad at Lena, with love in my heart

— Willie Garson (@WillieGarson) July 31, 2012