Chrissy Teigen. (Evan Agostini/AP)

“Why sing when you can dance?”

The rather innocuous message referenced a performance by the always divisive entertainer Chris Brown, which some people, including singer Pink, believe was lip-synced.

This 28-character tweet has elicited an angry and at times frightening reaction from Twitter users, many of whom self-identify as members of Team Breezy, the name of Brown’s legion of fans.

Teigen, who is engaged to singer John Legend, has not backed down from the tweet or from defending herself. Indeed, the model has handled the threats with aplomb, even making jokes out of the nasty statements.

To “Wait.. who is @chrissyteigen .. oh that’s right, nobody. #shesirreverent,” she replied “I am quite irreverent.” And to the very clever insult, “What company do you work for? The ugly and [expletive] company?” she responded, “O. U. C. H. ”

But Teigen also lamented the number of young women making threats against her: “Reallllly makes me sad that 99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls. I’ll end it there but it make me sad.”

She continued, “John has gotten numerous comments about him needed to ‘leash’ me or ‘control’ me. FROM WOMEN. Please stop this. It’s so sad.”

For this, Teigen got some Twitter love from “Friday Night Lights” alum Minka Kelly:“Much respect.. Equally amused and saddened.”

Now it seems that some of the offending Twitter accounts have been deleted.

“Accounts deleted due to ohhhhh, I dunno. Telling me I’m getting a bullet to my brain, asking for me to be raped and murdered. Normal stuff,” Teigen tweeted Tuesday. “But oh, I have some screen caps. And I will do everything I can to make sure people know, internet or not. You CAN’T say this [expletive.]”

Brown has not responded on Twitter to Teigen’s tweet about his performance or to the backlash she has faced. But he did send two messages that are seemingly addressed to his detractors. He first tweeted, “Don't hold ya breath waiting for me to stop doing me!” and later added, “Anyone who is upset obviously is upset with their lives... Make your music...make a difference.. Be better than me! Godbless!”

Note: Some of Teigen’s tweets have been edited for clarity.