Christian Bale, at a news conference in Pittsburgh where “The Dark Knight Rises” begins shooting tomorrow. (JACQUELINE LARMA/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

We are used to seeing Christian Bale in the Batsuit. But most of us are not accustomed to seeing Christian Bale in a track suit, while talking about wearing the Batsuit.

All right, maybe the Academy Award winner wasn’t technically wearing a track suit at a news conference held this morning in Pittsburgh to mark the official kick-off of “The Dark Knight Rises” production in the Pennsylvania city. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described his ensemble as “black cargo pants, with folded sunglasses tucked into his T-shirt and hooded jacket.” (Watch video of the news conference to see for yourself.)

As I noted in today’s Celebritology chat, he may have been more casually attired than his counterparts at said news conference, but I prefer to see Batman in clothes that allow him to easily dash off at the first sign of the Bat signal.

Anyway, the important news here is that tomorrow, director Christopher Nolan will start shooting the Pittsburgh portion of the third film in the “Dark Knight” franchise. (Scenes already have been shot in London; the production also will move to L.A., New York, India and Scotland in coming months.) Bale, while low-key during the media event, seems excited to get started.

“I’ve never been to Pittsburgh before,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to filming in your city. We’ll be fighting in your streets a great deal. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and hospitality ahead of time.”