Christina Aguilera was on “The Ellen Show” today, and explained how she botched the national anthem at last year’s super bowl. “I took in the moment a little too much,” Aguilera, who has been singing the patriotic song since she was about 7, told Ellen DeGeneres. “That night I knew. I just made myself a Trivial Pursuit question.”

Aguilera, whose new show “The Voice” premieres tonight, said she didn’t realize she had messed up the lyrics until after the performance, when a reporter asked her about the flub.

The pop star turned actress isn’t having the greatest year. She got a divorce, had racy photos leaked in December, tripped onstage at the Grammys and was arrested for public intoxication in March. But with all that considered, she seems to be taking her public mistakes in stride: “I’m human. What can I say?”

Watch Aguilera on “Ellen” below: