The Venice Film Festival got underway Wednesday with the premiere of George Clooney’s political thriller “Ides of March” and some old-fashioned Hollywood glamour on the red carpet.

Naturally Clooney was there to bring the necessary Cary Grant-esque vibe to the proceedings. But he wasn’t the only one demonstrating that some people get better with age.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Cindy Crawford, whom you may remember from various magazine shoots, MTV’s “House of Style,” Pepsi commercials and just from generally being hot in the 1990s.

(Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

It’s 2011 and as you can see, Crawford — in a red Roberto Cavalli gown — is still smokin’ at the age of 45. That’s right: She’s 45.

More photos from the “Ides of March” red carpet, after the jump.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clooney demonstrated both sides of his personality on the red carpet. First, the suave movie star who signs autographs for his fans...

(Joel Ryan/AP)

... and, also, the semi-deranged guy attempting to choke a dude. Yes, in a tuxedo, even Clooney can make faux-strangling someone look elegant and classy.

(Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Evan Rachel Wood, one of the film’s stars, has become a real pro on the red carpet. Once again, she looks flawlessly chic.

(Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

And here’s most of the cast of “Ides of March” (minus Ryan Gosling), joined on the far right by writer and Clooney producing partner Grant Heslov.

Notice how Wood is still holding her frame like a runway model while everyone else — including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei and Paul Giamatti — is just kind of hanging out. Like I said, that Wood is a pro. Okay, maybe she can’t pretend to choke someone with the same style and grace that her director demonstrated. But really, who can?

(Ian Gavan/Getty Images)