Clint Eastwood: Hollywood legend and the man partially responsible for a network that may broadcast a show called “Hole Lotta Love.” (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

Between directing films, composing music for films, occasionally acting in films and appearing in Super Bowl commercials for Chrysler, Clint Eastwood appears to be a sufficiently busy man. But apparently he has room for yet another job: launching a golf lifestyle channel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Academy Award winner and avid golfer has been named creative board chairman and founding shareholder of the Back9 Network, a network devoted to fairway culture that’s slated to launch this spring.

Eastwood, who also owns a golf club in Carmel, Calif., and is an investor in Pebble Beach (again, how does Dirty Harry find the time?), reportedly will serve as a crucial consultant on programming and casting decisions.

Even fans of the game may agree that golf is not exactly the most exciting sport to watch, unless you happen to be watching it within the context of either “Caddyshack” or “Happy Gilmore.” But it sounds like Back9 plans to sexy things up (and, presumably, distinguish itself from the Golf Channel) by offering programming aimed at those who aren’t as well-versed on birdies and pars.

For example, one of the pilots is called “Extreme Golf,” and will feature athletes and celebrities golfing on outlandish courses. (Um, I would watch that.) Another has been given the unfortunate title “Hole Lotta Love” and, according to THR, is “a ‘Bachelor’-style dating series in which pairs play with three dates and eliminate one at each hole.” (Um, that I would not watch.)

Let’s hope the minds behind Back9 are smart enough to Eastwood-ize things a bit. Perhaps the network could program a show loosely based on Eastwood’s film “Hereafter,” in which Matt Damon can communicate with golfers who have previously died? Or perhaps they there could broadcast tournaments that feature exclusive narration from Morgan Freeman. Yes, the sound of Freeman’s voice might go a long way toward making Tiger Woods finally seem dignified again.