Before last year’s Comic-Con, we conducted a poll asking you, the entertainment and pop culture fans who can’t make it to San Diego, to select which panels you’d most like me to cover here in Celebritology.

The results of that poll? A whole bunch of “Smallville” fans galvanized and easily shot the panel for that CW series, which was entering its last season, to the top of the list. Ever the dutiful Celebritologist, I subsequently stood in line, got a seat at the panel and tweeted numerous updates about all the action involving Tom Welling and his portrayal of Clark Kent/the Man of Steel.

Once again this year, we’re turning our Comic-Con coverage into a semi-democratic endeavor. I’ve chosen 25 of the buzzier panels at the 2011 event, which officially begins Thursday, and put them in the poll below. It’s your job to rank them from the one that interests you most to the one that interests you least.

Once the results become clear late Tuesday afternoon, I’ll know what my mandate is. I’ll try to get to as many of the panels that make the top five as I possibly can, with the caveat that other commitments and the capacity of certain rooms may prevent me from getting to every presentation I am hoping to see. (Let’s all pray together that I avoid another “Green Lantern” shutout like I experienced in 2010.)

So is “The Walking Dead” what you want? Sony’s panel on “The Amazing Spider-Man”? The Legendary Pictures panel with both Idris Elba and Bradley Cooper? Let the voting begin.