With all the television hubbub surrounding Oprah Winfrey’s farewell show and the crowning of a new “American Idol” Wednesday, it’s understandable if you missed the brief “Cougar Town” background appearance of Danny Pudi, better known as Abed from “Community.”

In the “Community” episode “Critical Film Studies,” Abed, who is completely obsessed with pop culture, tells Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) he appeared as an extra on the ABC show. “That’s when I really started to panic, Jeff, because ... if I’m a person that watches ‘Cougar Town,’ how can I be in ‘Cougar Town’? The more I start thinking about it, the less any of it makes any sense at all,” Abed said, later telling Jeff the entire story was made up.

Or was it? On the Wednesday finale of “Cougar,” Pudi appeared as a background actor in a cafe scene with Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps, who actually appeared as extras on a March “Community” episode. Pudi’s appearance on the finale was hinted at by “Cougar” co-creator Bill Lawrence, who told Zap2it the episode would have a “solid ‘Community’ shout-out.”