Joel McHale as Jeff, Alison Brie as Annie, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley, Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Danny Pudi as Abed. (Justin Lubin/NBC)

The Post’s Lisa de Moraes wrote that this was not a surprise to most, considering its low ratings and the return of “30 Rock.”

The show hasn’t been canceled. Network sources told the Hollywood Reporter that “Community” will return at an undetermined date in the future. But the New York Times’ Brian Stelter is not optimistic about its future: “Its chances of being renewed next year are painfully low.”

Pain seems to be what “Community” crew and fans are in. But they’re using this opportunity to redirect non-watchers’ attention to the show and its very quotable lines.

Executive producer Neil Goldman was the first to tweet news of the benching: “Midseason schedule burn!” Creator Dan Harmon replied, “Streets Ahold!” (“Streets ahead” is a catchphrase Pierce, played by Chevy Chase, attempted to coin in an episode. Thanks to Slate, for pointing this out.)

Alison Brie, who plays the brainy Annie, continued the Twitter train with, “Troy and Abed in the...summer??” (“Troy and Abed in the Morning,” to those not in the know, is a fictional show within the show put on by the two BFF characters, played by Danny Pudi and Donald Glover.)

Joel McHale, a.k.a. Jeff Winger, tweeted back, “Horsebot 3000 Nooooo!” (Not familiar with that one, either? Horsebot 3000 is the name of a shadow puppet voiced by Abed who “belongs to the stars now.”)

Many in the Twitter-and-blogo-sphere are using the expression “Britta’d” to describe NBC’s lineup decision. Britta is a self-righteous character played by Gillian Jacobs, who regularly messes things up for the rest of the study group.

Others are perhaps too upset to be clever. Celebrity fan, Roots drummer QuestLove, sent this desperate tweet: “whoa whoa whoa.....what are you talking about #Community getting cancelled???!!! i was sick all last week did i miss somethin??!” And later, “i can' w/o... #Community.”

Even though the show hasn’t been canceled, some fans have launched a preemptive strike., a petition whose purpose is explained in the name, has more than 14,000 signatures. Fans are also using Twitter hastags “savecommunity” and “savegreendale,” a reference to the fictional community college’s name, to show their displeasure.

Will “Community” succumb to the same fate as “Arrested Development” and “Freaks and Geeks?” Not if its fans have anything to say about it.