Donald Glover as Troy, Danny Pudi as Abed, Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley, Chevy Chase as Pierce, Alison Brie as Annie, Joel McHale as Jeff. (Lewis Jacobs/LEWIS JACOBS/NBC)

A small number of fans, some wearing black goatees similar to those worn by the show’s characters Evil Troy and Evil Abed, sang “Oh Christmas Troy,” a song that simply replaced the word “Tree” with “Troy.” They also chanted, “Six seasons and a movie,” a phrase coined by Abed during a season two episode centered around the short-lived superhero show, “The Cape.” It’s become a rallying cry for fans of “Community,” which did not make the network’s spring line-up. The show, which takes place at the fictional Greendale Community College in Colorado, is set to return sometime in 2012, but its future beyond that is uncertain.

“This is not a complaint. This is just like, let's bring all of our energy and all of our love,” Catherine Boyd, organizer of the flash mob, told TV Guide. You can watch videos from the protest, as well as a Save Community PSA, below.

Creator Dan Harmon was clearly touched by the flash mob, tweeting, “Awww! Merry Christmas, everybody.” Alison Brie, who plays Annie, was also moved: “THANK YOU Community fans!! You are adorable & dedicated & you warm my heart!”

Similar protests — both on and off line — have been staged for other beloved series, such as “Arrested Development.” Fans of the Bluth family actually succeeded. The first new episodes of the show since 2006 will stream on Netflix beginning sometime in 2013. A movie will follow.

How do you feel about pop culture protests? Are they a harmless way for fans to gather to celebrate — and to grieve? Or are they a waste of time? Tell us in the comments below.