Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor, Connie Britton as Tami Taylor. (Bill Records/NBC)

Of course, the Emmy-nominated “American Horror Story” star added to Us Weekly that a script still needs to be written and schedules straightened out. Something she already expressed in a recent interview with Celebritology’s Jen Chaney.:

“I actually was talking to [executive producer Peter Berg] about [the movie] last week. I know he really wants to do it. I know he’s had conversations with [showrunner] Jason Katims about it. I do think everybody’s so busy. I know Jason is really excited to write but is very busy with ‘Parenthood.’

“But I really think they’re committed to getting around to it and I think it’s just about having everybody’s schedules aligned and having a good idea in place. Because nobody, least of which Pete Berg, would ever want to do it if it was not going to be a story that would do justice to what that show has been.”

But now we have a firm promise from Britton. For realsies.