Conrad Murray will be sentenced Nov. 29 and could face up to four years in prison. (Kevork Djansezian/Associated Press)

(Video: Scroll down to watch Murray react to the verdict.)

Murray did not show any emotion when the verdict was read. A small scream was heard from the courtroom gallery. LaToya Jackson and Kathy Hilton may have been the sources of the outburst, according to TMZ.

(Celebritology: Why the guilty verdict does not feel like cause for celebration.)

Members of the crowd gathered outside the courthouse cheered when the verdict was read.

Jackson’s mother Katherine said, “Justice is served,” as she left the courthouse with some of her children. LaToya Jackson told the Associated Press, “Michael was looking over us.”

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson speaks to media as she leaves the courthouse. (DAVID MCNEW/REUTERS)

Murray was remanded without bail and led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. He will be sentenced Nov. 29.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff told CNN he was not focusing on an appeal at the moment. “What matters most right now is trying to keep Dr. Murray from taking up a prison cell in this community,” he said.

Murray is remanded into custody. (Al Seib/AP)

A jury of seven men and five women began deliberating Friday after hearing six weeks of testimony from dozens of witnesses, including everyone from Jackson’s personal assistant to Murray’s former girlfriends. It reached a verdict Monday after about nine hours of deliberation.

During closing arguments, prosecutor David Walgren argued that Murray acted with criminal negligence by treating the singer with the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid in his home.

Walgren pointed out that the majority of the other doctors who testified during the trial, including the defense’s propofol expert, Paul White, said they would not have treated Jackson’s insomnia with the anesthetic.

Defense attorney Chernoff argued that Jackson caused his own death, administering the lethal dose of propofol himself without Murray’s knowledge.

“They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson,” Chernoff said. “This is not a reality show. It is reality.”

Murray did not take the stand in his defense.

Jackson died in June 2009 of cardiac arrest caused by acute propofol intoxication. His death was ultimately ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Fans of the King of Pop reacted to the verdict on Twitter. “THANK YOU, Mr David Walgren! You have done a fine & victorious job bringing JUSTICE for Michael Jackson,” one fan tweeted. Many took the opportunity to tweet lyrics to Jackson’s songs. Others simply shared their love for Jackson.

Some Twitter users believed that Murray was only convicted because of Jackson’s level of fame: “Conrad Murray is only GUILTY because it was Michael Jackson. If this was any other person, it’d be their fault.”

Demonstrators stand outside the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles. (Nick Ut/AP)

Murray could be sentenced to up to four years in state prison on Nov. 29, and may lose his medical license. He will probably serve time in a county jail because of a new California law that places nonviolent felons out of state prisons due to overcrowding. His sentence may also be served under house arrest, according to TMZ.

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