Dr. Conrad Murray. (Al Seib/AP)

But law enforcement sources tell TMZ this report is incorrect: “Murray has been deemed a ‘ keep away prisoner’ — which means officials must keep an eye on the doc at all times, as a matter of his own protection.” (LA Times; TMZ)

Does Murray have a chance at appeal? One trial attorney says no. (Fox)

This wouldn’t be a high profile case without celebrity reactions on Twitter. “People are cheering but there really are no winners here. This has been an utter tragedy from beginning to end. #RIPMichaelJackson,” Nicki Minaj tweeted.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said, “Murray’s conviction is just a down payment for the family of Michael Jackson.” Read more reactions at the link, and find out what 50 cent thinks here. (EW; CBS)

A documentary called, “Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship,” featuring an interview with Murray filmed after Jackson’s death, will air in Britain next week. (TMZ)

Adele underwent surgery in Boston to remove a polyp from one of her vocal chords. Her fans will be happy to hear she is expected to make a full recovery. (AP via WaPo)

Kim Kardashian went to Minnesota to apologize to Kris Humphires’ family, get some closure and/or talk to her husband. (NYPost; Us Weekly; People)

Jennie Garth will star in a new ABC pilot, “Village People.” (Deadline)

Now that Jessica Simpson has confirmed her pregnancy, Katy Perry is the new target of bump speculation. (Superficial)

“Friday Night Lights” inspires a musician, after the jump

Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn wrote an album inspired by the best television show of all time, “Friday Night Lights,” called “Clear Hearts, Full Eyes.” (Vulture)

Disney and YouTube will create an original Web series. (NYT)

Anderson Cooper told Jimmy Fallon he isn’t so sure going spray-tanning with Snooki was a good idea.