Courteney Cox. (Christopher Polk/Getty Images for the Broadcast Television Journalists Association)

Tim Gunn is known as the kindly mentor on “Project Runway.” And that’s pretty much all we knew about him ... until now. The fashionisto told the panelists on ABC’s “The Revolution” he has been celibate for 29 years: “Do I feel like less of a person for it? No! Not even remotely.” Read the reason behind the decision, at the link. (EW)

James Farentino, a veteran actor of the big and small screen, died of heart failure Tuesday. The Golden Globe-winner, who you might recognize from “The Final Countdown,” “Dynasty,” “E.R.” or “Melrose Place,” was 73. (AP via WaPo)

A jury has ordered a hospital to pay Garth Brooks $1 million for failing to build a women’s health center in honor of his late mother after he gave a $500,000 donation. The other half a million in the ruling was for punitive damages. (AP via WaPo)

Joan Rivers has some unkind words for Chelsea Handler , after the jump.

Joan Rivers fired off a retaliatory comment at Chelsea Handler this week, calling her “an ordinary girl who was [expletive] somebody high up in the industry.” She added, “Wherever she is, she’s drunk.” After the comments went public, one of Handler’s Twitter followers asked her, “SO! Are you really a drunkin [expletive]? BC Joan Rivers said you are!!! lol” Handler replied, “I am!” Link is NSFW. (Buzzfeed)

Is Whitney Houston “broke as a joke?” Not according to her rep. (CNN)

Miley Cyrus should attempt to never be photographed with cake. Link is NSFW. (TMZ)