Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden. (Via E!)

But like a slow motion accident, it’s hard to look away. In that spirit, I now present you with the five best quotes from the couple’s interview with E! Online:

Hutchison on their courtship via e-mail: “There was nothing illegal or immoral about it.”

Stodden on said love-inducing e-mails: “(We were) falling and flying on the wings of love together.”

Hutchison on his wife’s appearance: “God was her only plastic surgeon.”

Stodden on intimate relations with her hubby: “He’s a tiger.”

Hutchison pointing out the obvious: “What's kind of blown my mind about how this has all gone so global and viral is that I have had more opportunity now...I‘ve been courted by producers, directors, agents, record executives.”

For Stodden’s amazing expressions, check out the video below: