Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, making vests look good in "Cowboys & Aliens." (Timothy White/AP)

Cowboys & Aliens” is one of the last big, splashy, movie star-filled potential blockbusters of this summer season. So Hollywood eyes will be looking critically at how it performs at the box office this weekend, especially since the film is an admittedly unusual sell for audiences.

Specifically, it mixes two semi-niche genres, the western and sci-fi, in a way that could confuse potential ticket-buyers: is this going to be a bunch of campy fun? A serious action film? “Super 8” meets “True Grit”?

As it turns out, the movie is more serious than campy. And it works far, far better as a Western. The whole enterprise starts to slide into silliness the more it explores the alien elements of its narrative. Still, that may not stop people from wanting to see it.

Do you think “Cowboys & Aliens” can unseat the summer’s most successful superhero film, “Captain America,” from its No. 1 spot? Does “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” have a chance at regaining top status? Or will something else — adult rom-com “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” or, God help us, “The Smurfs” — steal all the spurs-and-UFO thunder? Make your prediction via the poll below, then post a comment to let us know whether you plan to see it or skip it.