The Internet has already taught us that Nicolas Cage making a crazy face is always hilarious, especially when it inadvertently becomes a jpeg attachment on a job application e-mail. But did you also know that Crazy Nicolas Cage Face makes a wonderful wedding anniversary gift?

A friend recently forwarded a link to this Tumblr, which documents one woman’s attempt to brighten her parents’ 21st wedding anniversary by hiding images like this one in various pockets of their suburban home.

(Courtesy Meghana Indurti)

A glance at photos of these efforts confirmed that the young woman who did this is the best daughter ever. Further research also revealed that she is Meghana Indurti, a 19-year-old junior at the College of William & Mary (full disclosure: my alma mater) whose parents live in the Washington area.

“I've seen previous Nicolas Cage pranks on tumblr a long time before ... there was another one I believe where someone put that same image around the house and another one where someone changed a friend’s entire timeline on Facebook to Nic Cage or all the computers and iPads in an Apple store to Nic Cage,” Indurti explained via e-mail. “I just think it's such a freaky picture and it makes me laugh, so yeah, I just wanted to freak my parents out a little.”

Indurti hid five crazy Cages in her parents Ashburn, Va. home, as documented on her /Zest/ for Life Tumblr. Her father ultimately found two of them, and her mom discovered three.

“Mostly they thought it was funny rather than terrifying, but my mom told me that the one in the bathroom freaked her out a little bit because it was there so suddenly,” Indurti said.

We do not blame her mother one bit.

(Courtesy Meghana Indurti)

For the record, print-outs of Nicolas Cage looking like a psychopath make appropriate gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bridal showers and christenings. Just don’t hide those things at a bris — nothing ruins a bris faster than a mohel startled by the unexpected sight of Mr. Nicolas “Deranged” Cage.