View Photo Gallery: A look at fashion and the winners at the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards — where a slew of trophies were doled out Thursday night by the Broadcast Film Critics’ Association, an organization that dubs its cinematic backslapping event the year’s “first awards show” — lavished much love on “The Artist.”

The silent film won four awards, including best picture and best director. Other big winners at the A-listy affair included: George Clooney, Viola Davis, Christopher Plummer , Octavia Spencer, the ensemble of “The Help,” the screenplays for “Midnight in Paris” and “Moneyball,” “Bridesmaids” (it won best comedy) and ... oh, I’m running out of breath so just read the list of winners here.

After Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards, the Critics’ Choice, which aired on VH1, was like a breath of fresh, movie-honoring air. And by that I mean: a few interesting things actually happened! Viola Davis gave the season’s first moving acceptance speech, prompting a clearly visible “Wow” to escape Steven Spielberg’s lips; Fitz and the Tantrums proved to be a fine awards show house band; Judd Apatow said [bleep] you to Jerry Lewis; and George Clooney revealed some important facts involving himself and naugahyde apparel.

Let’s fondly reminisce about the highlights from an awards show that took place less than 24 hours ago, shall we?

Judd Apatow says [Bleep you] to Jerry Lewis.

His comment was focused an old quote from Lewis, about how he didn’t think women were funny. And he directed the obscenity at the comedy legend while accepting the trophy for “Bridesmaids.” So it made sense in context. But dang, Apatow — save some ribald comments for the Golden Globes, would ya?

Thomas Horn gets uber-excited upon accepting the award for Best Young Actor

The “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” newbie snagged the first big trophy of the season for that film and could scarcely contain his joy, a joy he expressed with adorable nerdiness.

Hosts Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel present tribute to the year’s movie deaths

Like Scheer, I think we all miss Jet Ski Guy from “Shark Night.”

That Viola Davis speech

It was heartfelt, teary-eyed and just beautiful. If she’s this moving at the Critics’ Choice Awards, she might literally rip out her own heart onstage if she wins an Oscar.

Bob Dylan performed as part of the “Music + Film” tribute to Martin Scorsese

He is Bob Dylan. And therefore, attention must be paid to his harmonica-playing. Even Brad Pitt had an appropriately reverent look on his face during this performace.

Best actor winner George Clooney shares a personal story about his childhood.

Apparently his mother made naugahyde leisure suits for him, which he was forced to wear in sixth grade: “That was a fun year.” Added bonus: he kissed Brad Pitt — who he beat out for the Critics’ Choice Award — before hopping onto the stage. “Ocean’s Eleven” star -on-”Ocean’s Eleven” star action: it’s what we hope for at every awards show.

Jason Segel reminds us that it’s really hard to pronounce the name Hazanavicius.

Upon presenting the best director honor to the man behind “The Artist,” I believe Segel first referred to him as Michel “Havnavishoe,” then followed that up with a Michel “Hasnavishoosh.” Let’s go ahead and make this No. 96 on the the list of Things We Love About Jason Segel.