Dakota Fanning. (Leon Bennett/Wire.)

The ad for Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! fragrance features the 17-year-old looking straight into the camera with a large perfume bottle capped with a blooming flower placed in her lap.

The Advertising Standards Authority said four people complained that Fanning was portrayed in a “sexualized manner.” The watchdog agency agreed, writing in a statement that the bottle was placed in a “sexually provocative” position and that the 17-year-old actress appeared younger than 16.

(Marc Jacobs.)

“We considered the ad could be seen to sexualize a child,” the ASA said. “We therefore concluded that the ad was irresponsible and was likely to cause serious offense.”

Jacobs’s description of the perfume, a sister scent to Lola, as “more of a lolita than a lola” seems rather unfortunate.

Coty UK, the company that produces the perfume, told the BBC the image was “provoking but not indecent.”