Daniel Radcliffe (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

But the “Harry Potter” star did not get the celebrity treatment from the wonderful Susan Blackwell, who schooled the A-lister in the art of cleaning for Broadway.com’s “Side by Side by Susan Blackwell.”

Apparently, the 22-year-old actor, who is currently starring in Broadway’s “How To Succeed In Business ,” is a huge slob. So Blackwell taught him how to clean (her) windows and sort (her) laundry.

He also gives Blackwell’s toilet a good cleaning, as punishment for not being able to name the rules of cricket.

As if the interview couldn’t become any odder/greater, the pair sit down in Blackwell’s shower to play, “Would you buy me that?” (Yes, he would buy her a teacup hippo. No, he would not buy her hippo a chalet.)

Watch the video, which contains a good amount of censored profanity, below.