DeVito, Perlman and their daughter Lucy at the 2011 season premiere event for DeVito’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” (AP)

Sadly, it appears we must cross it off those lists.

Via both Entertainment Tonight and ABC News, DeVito’s rep, Stan Rosenfeld, has confirmed that DeVito, 67, and Perlman, 64, have separated after 30 years of marriage. The couple has two daughters, Lucy and Grace, and a son, Jacob, all of whom are in their 20s.

The initial reports do not indicate how long the couple has been separated or what caused the split. But given the length of their relationship — they wed in January 1982 and first met in 1970, according to this People magazine story — it’s a surprise.

The diminutive couple — whose most notable television roles, on “Taxi” and “Cheers,” respectively, cast both of them as smart-mouthed cynics — came across publicly as stable, happy, family-focused people who genuinely worked as a team.

Really, a team, right down to hosting “Saturday Night Live” together in 1983.

Obviously, marriages and partnerships evolve over time, and sometimes even the most bonded units breaks down. But still: It’s sad, especially when you watch this clip of them on “Taxi” in the context of the current situation.