Christian Bale, dark knight, rising. (Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. via Reuters)

In its infinite capacity to allow for advance planning and movie hype, the Internet will allow fans to start purchasing tickets for “The Dark Knight Rises” on Monday.

The announcement of those June 11 online ticket sales — which begin at noon Eastern and will inevitably lead to an announcement that “The Dark Knight Rises” has become the biggest advance movie-ticket-sales generator of all time — came yesterday via Warner Bros. Twitter feed.

Because every little detail about the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise matters a lot, that announcement led to another reveal: that the running time for this movie is kind of long.

The listing for the film on the AMC Theatres Web site indicates that “The Dark Knight Rises,” which opens July 20, lasts for two hours and 45 minutes, confirming that this film is officially epic, and not just epic because your roommate keeps using that word to describe it.

This information has prompted intense online debate and discussion. (“Films about a dude in a rubber bat suit are serious business and need to be this long,” wrote one Reddit commenter. “Buy diapers,” added another. “Hmm... this actually gave me a good business idea: I think I’m going to make The Dark Knight Rises diapers and sell them.”)

But let’s put that two hours and 45 minutes in perspective. That’s 22 minutes longer than “The Avengers,” 29 minutes longer than “The Amazing Spider-Man” (its running time is two hours and 16 minutes, according to its AMC page, a fact that has not prompted anything close to the amount of attention “The Dark Knight Rises” running time received), and 13 minutes longer than 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” but only three minutes longer than “Avatar” and a massive 29 minutes shorter than “Titanic.”

So calm down about the those 165 minutes, blogosphere. If we pull together as a filmgoing community, I feel confident that we can indeed sit on our backsides for nearly three consecutive hours. If you don’t do it for yourself, at least do it for Christopher Nolan, who clearly needs all the support for his little film that he can get.