Christian Bale and his Batman suit in “The Dark Knight Rises.” (Ron Phillips/AP)

Given the tremors that ripple through the Internet every time the names Batman or Bane are mentioned, it seems more than fair to call “The Dark Knight Rises” the most anticipated release of the summer movie season.

For that reason, the third and final trailer for the third and final installment in Christopher Nolan’s series has generated a lot of interest since it debuted online last night. (It will screen in theaters this weekend in front of another much-anticipated superhero movie, a modest little indie called “The Avengers.”)

The latest clip reaffirms the film’s most-anticipated status by amping up the suspense surrounding its July 20 release. Watch it below then see if you agree with my five reasons why the trailer makes me extremely optimistic about “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Now, the five reasons I like this trailer:

1. We can understand what Bane is saying!

Nolan and Warner Bros. clearly heard all the fan outcry about Bane’s incomprehensible speech after previous trailers were released and early footage of the movie screened. So now they’ve made sure all his words can be heard clearly, despite his creepy mask. “I’m Gotham’s reckoning,” he clearly states at one point. “Your punishment must be more severe,” he later tells Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne. Some fans may feel this goes too far to the other extreme; his voice sounds audibly louder than everyone else’s and almost Darth Vader-like. But I’m just happy to know what the heck he’s talking about.

2. Hints of genuine drama, not just explosions and carnage.

Okay, yes, there are several explosions in this trailer and snippets of what appears to be a potentially killer fights involving Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Batman and Bane (Tom Hardy). But what strikes me, and what distinguishes Nolan’s films from other superhero movies, is their craftsmanship and emphasis on human drama. It’s not the sight of a bridge collapsing that compels me; it’s the image of young children on a school bus watching it fall.

3. More Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It’s still not entirely clear how Gordon-Levitt’s character, police officer John Blake, fits into the narrative. But his presence here suggests his role will be significant. Plus, I’m always in favor of more Gordon-Levitt.

4. The Bat!

Batman doesn’t just have a Batmobile in “The Dark Knight Rises,” he has a vehicle that flies (dubbed The Bat) and is much more high-tech than Doc Brown’s so retro DeLorean. The end of the trailer provides a quick peek, but enough of one to suggest that thing should look pretty cool on an Imax screen.

5. The promise of epicness via a Christian Bale catch phrase.

“You’ve given them everything,” Catwoman says. “Not everything,” Bale/Batman promises in a voice that sounds slightly less gravelly than it did in “The Dark Knight.” “Not yet.”

Oh. Baby.