Have you been following Jen Chaney’s live tweets from Comic-Con 2011? If not, start now!

Actor Darren Criss poses for a portrait Tuesday, April 19, 2011, in New York. (Jeff Christensen/AP)

The Alexander McQueen wedding dress worn by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, at the royal circus of the century will go on display at Buckingham Palace this Saturday. The proceeds from the admission tickets, I kid you not, will pay for palace renovations. (Royal Watch)

“Teen Mom” teen mom Jenelle Evans was photographed smoking what appears to be marijuana days after she reportedly failed a drug test. Tell me why putting babies who have babies on TV is a good idea again, MTV? (TMZ)

Kris Jenner explains why she got a facelift for her daughter Kim “Boo Old Navy!” Kardashian’s wedding: “Just doing what a girl's gotta do!” (Us Weekly)

Fun news! Annette Bening will play Kristen Wiig’s mom in the movie, “Imogene.” Wiig plays a gambling-addicted playwright whose fake suicide attempt lands her in the custody of Bening, who is also addicted to gambling. Does anyone else have the urge to buy a lottery ticket? (Vulture)

Arnold Schwarzeneggerdoesn’t want to pay estranged wife Maria Shriver spousal support or attorney fees, according to a new court filing. (Associated Press)

New promo poster for “ The Walking Dead ” features faces of the walking dead. (The Daily What)

Hey ladies, James Franco is single again. (Us Weekly)

Emma Stone’s “Dirty Dancing” lift with Ryan Gosling did not go as well as Al Roker’s did, as she explained to Jay Leno: