David Tennant: the good Doctor is now a married man. (Ian Gavan/GETTY IMAGES)

In news that may delight celebrity wedding watchers as well as sci-fi TV geeks, David Tennant — otherwise known as Doctor Who — has married his one-time co-star on the time travel series, Georgia Moffett.

Tennant, who is the 10th actor to play the Doctor on the long-running British series, married Moffett on Dec. 30, then threw a big bash on New Year’s Eve to celebrate, according to the Daily Mail. The post-wedding party, held at London’s Globe Theatre, attracted some notable names, including former British prime minister Gordon Brown, Sir Patrick Stewart and Stephen Fry.

A fun fact about this particular marriage: Moffett, 27, played a cloned version of Doctor Who’s daughter Jenny on an episode of the show, which is how she met Tennant, 40, back in 2008. But wait, there’s another fun father/daughter fact to share.

Moffett’s father, actor Peter Davison, also previously portrayed Doctor Who. He was the fifth man to play the role, which he occupied in the early ’80s. Please insert your own jokes about time travel, how all women marry their dads or both here.

Tennant, also seen recently in the “Fright Night” remake, and Moffett have an 8-month-old daughter, Olive. This is the first marriage for both.