Paul McCartney. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

She tweeted, “So.... today I was pulling into a parking space that some guys were standing in the middle of, and almost hit them..... When one of the guys.”

Go on.

“turned around.... it was a BEATLE........ Yes, YOU HEARD ME.... SIR PAUL McCARTNEY!!! He was so sweet!! Can't believe I met him today.. WOW!”

She added, “And.... I can't believe I almost ran over a Beatle....... :l”

I don’t know about you, but this has filled me with an intense sense of jealousy and anxiety at the same time. On the one hand, oh my goodness gracious, I want to meet Paul McCartney! On the other, this seems like the kind of encounter that would haunt you for the rest of your life. Would it be worth the nightmares where bumper makes contact with Beatle?

Here’s another question: What exactly was Sir Paul doing standing in a parking space? Doesn’t he realize he’s an international treasure? Can’t he hire people to tell him not to stand in places where cars can potentially kill him!?

Oh, well. Congratulations, Demi Lovato for having a great story about the time you met Paul McCartney. And thanks for not asking who he is.