In the wake of news that Demi Moore has sought professional help to deal with “exhaustion” brought on by stress, rumors about her illness have proliferated. They include allegations that the actress was using nitrous oxide or whip-its, had a seizure, was upset over Ashton Kutcher’s “teenage boy” behavior and is suffering from anorexia. (TMZ: People; NYPost; Radar)

Lindsay Lohan (Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a woman who claims the actress hit her with a Maserati while she was crossing the street in September 2010. Lohan’s rep told the Associated Press he hasn’t seen the lawsuit and couldn’t comment. (AP via WaPo)

NBC is developing an “Office” spin-off about Dwight Schrute’s beet farm. Good idea? Bad? Share your opinion with a comment, please! Update: Or are they? Rainn Wilson tweeted, “Don't believe everything you read in the press, ok?” (Vulture)

Are you still upset that Albert Brooks and Ryan Gosling were snubbed (snubbed I say!) by the Oscars? Russell Crowe is with you. So is Hitler. (HuffPost)

Armie Hammer reportedly spent a day in jail back in November when a drug sniffing dog discovered he had desserts containing marijuana on his person. This took place at the same Sierra Blanca, Tex., checkpoint where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg were busted for pot-related offenses. (TMZ)

Nick Cannon’s recovery continues, after the jump.

Nick Cannon was back in a hospital Wednesday for a scheduled procedure. Mr. Mariah Carey was recently hospitalized for what he called “mild kidney failure.” (Lifeline Live)

50 Cent has made a bet to tweet a picture of his naked body if the Giants lose the Super Bowl. Do with that what you will. (Hollywood Gossip)

Danny Pudi, a.k.a Abed from “Community,” is now the father to twins James and Fiona. (People)

Comedian Mark Malkoff slept over at the homes of celebrities, including Justine Bateman and Kate Walsh, and made a very funny video about it. (YouTube)

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