Dame Helen Mirren isn’t having a great week. Her new movie, “Arthur,” was panned by critics. And despite being fully committed to her “SNL” hosting gig, the “Calendar Girl” couldn’t save the show from its terminally unfunny writing, or its need to sink to the lowest common denominator.

While playing Eleanor Roosevelt in a sketch dubbed “The Roosevelts,” Mirren kissed Abby Elliott’s Marilyn Monroe in an attempt to spoof the historical inaccuracies in the TV movie “The Kennedys.”But of course, this was also a convenient excuse for two women to unnecessarily lock lips.

Nassim Pedrad and Kristen Wiig also got a little, um, touchy with Mirren in the week’s digital short. Both sketches aimed for high levels of shock value, and landed without many laughs. Watch “The Roosevelts” sketch below and the sort of NSFW digital short here.

Then weigh in with a comment: Did this week’s “SNL” sink below Helen Mirren’s standards? (Or, perhaps, what should be her standards?)