Just found video of me #planking in 1994. I will post it soon. Let people know. :)less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet ReplyTom Green

(Watch Green plank in 1994 here.)

Tom Green wants to take credit for “planking,” a really dumb Internet thing where normal people and celebrities take pictures of themselves lying face down like a board. Why anyone would want to do such a thing is beyond me.

Green apparently first planked with his rap group on Canadian television in 1990, according to CNN. Green used his Twitter to offer video evidence of him doing the “Dead Guy” on his cable TV show in 1994.

“The root of it, to me, is the absurdity of seeing someone lying there in the prone position as if they've died or passed out,” he told CNN.

Some believe planking was first done in the 1993 film, “The Program,” as the Post’s Elizabeth Flock wrote. In 2006, two Brits began posting pictures of themselves doing what they called the “lying down game” to Facebook. Shortly after, the trend got its current name in Australia.

Now the whole thing has become something of a phenomenon, with celebs both partaking in the craze and calling it out for being racist.

But Green’s already behind the times. He should try to take credit for “owling,” which as Flock wrote, is the next big thing.

Watch Green do the “Dead Guy” below: