Donald Draper: Graduation speaker? (Reuters)

After a night of watching “Mad Men” while drinking (naturally), Deanna Director, David Ma and Mike Quattrocchi created the “Grad Men” project. But to impress the mysterious ad exec, they had to do something big. So they traveled across the country to interview the creative directors from several agencies, who pitched Draper on their behalf. They created a video, titled “Dear Jon Hamm,” to raise awareness for their noble cause.

The “Grad Men” team tells Celebritology that they sent the video to the head of AMC’s Public Relations department, who “loved it” and is working to get Hamm, er, Draper to attend. An AMC rep has not yet responded to an e-mail seeking confirmation of that information, but this post will be updated once she does.

In the event that Draper is not available, the team would like to get Elisabeth- Moss-as-Peggy-Olson, but only if she delivers the entire speech with lipstick on her teeth. Just kidding — actually, their second choice is show creator Matthew Weiner. Watch their pitch below.