Lady Gaga speaks at a rally in Portland, Maine in September 2010. (JOEL PAGE/REUTERS)

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted Tuesday, “It’s a good day,” while Emmys host Jane Lynch said “good riddance” to the controversial policy.

Gaga called today’s moment “tremendous & beautiful” in a tweet. The singer has long been a proponent of overturning DADT, traveling to Maine in September 2010 to urge the state’s two Republican senators to vote in favor of the repeal. That December, Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins did just that.

When Congress voted to change the policy, Gaga tweeted, “Can't hold back the tears + pride. We did it!!” Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Neil Patrick Harris and many other celebs also praised the vote.

Read tweets from celebratory celebs below.