Brendan Coyle, one of several “Downton Abbey” nominees. (Ian Gavan/GETTY IMAGES)

Froggatt and Coyle weren’t the only “Downton” cast members celebrating this morning. The PBS upstairs/downstairs saga — which competed in the best drama category even though it’s a miniseries, pulling the opposite of an “American Horror Story” — was showered with 16 nominations, including best drama.

Among the cast members honored for their performances:

— Michelle Dockery, aka Lady Mary, whose capacity to tolerate fiance Sir Richard Carlisle for the entire second season has placed her in the best actress in a drama category.

— Hugh Bonneville, Lady Mary’s Father, Robert, the Earl of Grantham, who has been nominated as best actor for his portrayal of a semi-broken man trying to hook up with a housemaid.

— Jim Carter, Mr. Carson, joins Coyle in the best supporting actor category. He does so with a sense of dignity that only Mr. Carson fully understands how to project.

— And, yes, Maggie Smith — aka Violet, the Dowager Countess, aka the most-quoted “Downton Abbey” cast member, aka the Chicken Lady from the Spike TV version of “Downton Abbey” — has been nominated in the best supporting actress category alongside Froggatt. Which means everyone had better clear out of the way — because if she got super-competitive over a silly flower contest, just imagine how cutthroat she is going to get over that Emmy, even though she already has one from last year.

For the record, “Downton Abbey” also racked up nominations for art direction, casting, costumes, directing, editing, hair, musical score, sound mixing and writing. But you probably don’t care because you stopped paying attention six paragraphs ago when you started daydreaming about Anna and Mr. Bates.

Yeah. Figured as much.

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