Chloe Moretz and Tyler Posey in “Our Deal” video. (MTV/Best Coast)

(Watch “Our Deal” here.)

The Drew Barrymore directed, star-packed music video for Best Coast’s “Our Deal” has debuted on MTV's Supervideo.

Chloe Moretz and “Teen Wolf’s” Tyler Posey star as Romeo and Juliet-esque characters, whose rival gangs take turns spraying graffiti around the city and beating each other up.

The actress/director and Bethany Cosentino, the lo-fi trio’s leader, met backstage at a show in L.A. and became fast friends. And what’s the best way for two hip ladies to cement their new friendship? Make a make video, of course! While this is the 36-year-old Barrymore’s first foray into music video directing, she’s familiar with the cool kid music scene. She dated Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for five years.

The video features a weird mix of actors, from “Arrested Development” and “Whip It’s” Alia Shawkat to “iCarly’s” Miranda Cosgrove. Sadly, the very funny “Community” actor Donald Glover only makes a small appearance in the video.

Watch Barrymore get behind the camera below.